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Weeding Out The Fakes: Ways to Determine if Online Sales are Real


Not only did the internet give us access to a lot of information, it also gave us internet shopping. Online shoe shopping makes the entire process so much more easier and convenient because it allows the shoppers to simply stay at home and browse the products to their heart’s content without once stepping out. Payments are even easier, with online payment gateways being validated and secured in increasingly sophisticated ways all the time. However, the internet is also home to scammers who will take your personal info and clean you out. So here are some tips on how to weed out the fakes from the real deal online:

Check the Validity of the Site

Before you so much as click on anything in the site, check the top left hand corner of the bar where the URL appears. This is where most browsers display the validity of the website you’re now browsing. With their information, the web browser can tell you whether or not the website or page you’re seeing is authentic, and connected to a company behind it. The icon is usually a locked green padlocked, indicating that the site is secure. If not, there will be an exclamation mark accompanying the padlock. Check for these notifications and if it isn’t secure, remove yourself from the site and do not enable cookies from them.

Compare and Contrast

If the site passes the verification test, then you can safely browse through the products offered. As you do so, mentally compare and contrast the prices and quality of the items on sale with other online shopping sites you have been to. If this is your first time, visit a few sites before making a purchase. If any item such as leather boots in Australia seem to be so much cheaper than other online stores, double check to see that the price is right.

Then check with a physical store. If the prices vary a lot, calculate to see if the internet can actually offer you leather boots online at that price due to lack of overhead, or whether it’s too good to be true. In most cases, these are scams engineered to draw shoppers and gain their credit card info.

What Are the Others Saying?

This is the age of free information, and the internet is what enabled that. Before you make a final purchase, search online to see what others have to say about the services and products of the site you are using now. There will be plenty of comments on message boards, social media and review sites that will help you make up your mind. If the overall view is bad, trust that so many users before you have had a genuinely bad experience and don’t use the site. Also remember however that not all customers will be captured in the user reviews as not everyone will leave behind a comment. Also, it’s more likely that ones with a bad experience will want to air their views more than a satisfied customer.

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