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How To Enjoy Work And Adventure?

Most of us like to have some fun once in a while. But if you can couple your fun with your work that would be the ideal job that you could ever ask for. Many of us are not very fortunate to have a job we like and have some fun while working because most jobs that pay well are boring office jobs with no adventure. However your job is different to others because you are a model who has many adventurous photo shoots to your name. You have modelled by the rail track, on the main road, inside a vehicle and even on top of a moving horse drawn carriage.

Challenge of a lifetime

But now you have being given the challenge of a lifetime. You have a modelling shoot on the beach. A company that has recently open up shop wants their hooded beach towel or robes displayed in an advertisement. You have being asked to model at least ten of their clothing items at different locations by the beach. You are ever ready to get going because this is a new challenge to you. You first check out the designs available and pick the ten clothing items that you would be wearing and head down to the beach with the team. Your first photo shoot is to walk along the beach. You are relieved when you realise that you will be provided with adequate protection from the sun.

Flying a kite

The first shoot is over and you then pick a light blue shaded one to wear while making a sand castle on the beach. You enjoy messing around with the sand while the photos are taken and then it is time for the next change. You check out the remaining kids towel robes and pick a light pink one because now you have to fly a kite on the beach while the photos are taken. You run along the beach with the kite in your hand and enjoy the wind as it blows across your face. You don’t feel hot and bothered thanks to the well protected garment that you are wearing. Visit this link https://beachrobesaustralia.com.au/ for more details on kids towel robes.

Complimentary gift

Your next shoot is to model the clothing by the seashore. No running and messing with sand this time. You are again well protected from the sea waves and the sun thanks to you garment. The photo shoot is finally over and the company officials are also happy with the way the photo shoot was done. You are even more surprised when the company official gives you a complimentary gift of one of the items you just wore for the photo shoot.

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