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Top 3 Party Theme Ideas For A 21st Birthday Girl

If you are tired of searching for stores that offer high-end quality clothes in the latest styles, then this store is the ultimate place for you. Visit their website to grab yourselves some stunning attire for your next big event!The 21st birthday is considered to be quite a special one as you embark upon a journey that paves towards adulthood and various responsibilities that come with it. The stress is quite high at this point, with education and part time jobs that you may be juggling. However, don’t let your 21st birthday bash be a boring one. Here are a few theme ideas to help you decide.


Now this theme is for the souls who love the beach, sand, waves and are all about the bright colors and coconut water. This is definitely a theme that will bring life to your party. The ladies and mens clothing is quite similar at such parties as both require sarongs and a bright floral top with flower garlands as accessories. Organizing this party at a beach would be the most appropriate choice of venue and the food could include loads of Hawaiian delicacies and coconut water to accompany it. In addition, the décor could also done using fresh flowers and coconut shells so that you don’t have to spend too much on party decorations. Go here  for more ideas about dresses like evening wear. 

Garden party

Hosting a party at your backyard or garden is a good idea especially if you have a small budget. This way, you could save up loads of money on the venue and spend generously on the food, décor and cake. If the party is in the afternoon then it would be ideal to host a brunch with floral cutlery and décor to adorn the area. In addition, you could use any walls that are covered in leaves, as a backdrop for your photo booth by adding a few flowers here and there. However, if you are hosting the party at night then you could cover the area with disco lights and hire an awesome DJ so that your friends could groove to some good music all night long.

Masquerade ball

Hosting a party with this theme is going to be quite costly as the décor and venue has to be quite classy and extravagant. Everything, from the cake to the décor has to scream “LAVISH” in order to make the event a success. The dress code for ladies should be maxi dresses or ball gowns whereas the men must be asked to wear tuxedos. Ensure that the cake, dress code, masks and décor are all coordinated to match a theme color, preferably purple and black or red and black, depending on your choice. It is also important to provide the masks and ensure that the venue is ideal to host a party of this theme. It would be ideal to hire a DJ to play the right music in order to ensure that the guests have a good time.If your 21st birthday is just around the corner, then stop dreaming of the mainstream party ideas and opt for something unique to leave all your friends awestruck as they arrive at the party.